Imagen de cableado industrial minuciosamente instalado, bajo norma standard.

Your partner in modernization

More than 40 years innovating in the industrial sector.

We are pioneers in the implementation of new technologies to meet the growing demands of the market.


ELECTRICITAT I AUTOMATISMES SANTOS, S.A is a company with over 35 years experience in the electric industrial sector. Pioneer in the introduction of new products and implementation of technologies, covering all needs and satisfaction of our customers.

In addition, being installers and maintainers and performing installations from beginning to end, we could offer a high responsibility and reliability to solve problems or malfunctions that could affect the production.

The technical capacity of the company and its employees, allows ELECTRICITAT SANTOS to perform a great variety of installations.

fleet of 3 fully equipped public works cranes
Fleet of certified cranes

Our Specialties:

  • Industrial electrical installations and automation.
  • Industrial plumbing and general plumbing installations with electro-welded pipe.
  • Installations of public buildings and premises of public concurrence.
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic installations.
  • Public lighting installations.
  • Installation of remote management and inventory systems for public lighting.
  • Ventilation and air conditioning installations.
  • Solar installations.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of facilities.
  • Industrial installations.
  • Automation of industrial processes.
  • Programmable controllers Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, Hitachi.
  • Operator terminals.
  • Communication to PC.
  • Speed, start and position control.
  • Installation classified atmosphere Exd GNU.
  • Instrumentation, weighing and dosing.
  • Mandatory periodic revisions by the REBT.
  • Analysis and verification of electrical installations.
  • Reactive energy compensation.
  • Energy savings.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Lighting control.
  • Security installations.
  • Fire and burglar alarm installations.
  • Access control.
  • Closed-circuit television installations.
  • Electrical panels, automation systems and power cabinets.
  • Computer networks.

Chamber of Commerce Internationalization Award.

Since its foundation in 1980, Electricitat i Automatismes Santos de San Andrés de la Barca has focused its activity on the development and execution of electrical projects in the chemical sector, concrete and aggregate plants, and machinery manufacturers.

Promotional video of the internationalization award granted to Electricitat i Automatismes Santos, S.A. by the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona.

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